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My Friends: The Current Companions

Where was I...Oh yes. Kristen. What to say about here. Kristen is that one girl I can trust. She is sweet, caring, companionship, and all around fun. I never met a girl like her. Well I lied because there is a chance I will met a girl like that again. She was into Disney and Spider-man. Sometimes I joke around and called her the Disney Princess or Gwen Stacy. In my eyes she is a Disney Princess and her eyes see me as the Fairy god father or that wacky talking animal you see in Disney films. It's been four years since I've met her.... but she wasn't the oldest.

There was John. John is one of my oldest friends. Smart trekie, he is into sci-fi. He dress up as the eleventh Doctor for Halloween. I remember when he carried around the fanny pact and people would have tease him. He was in my science class in Sophomore year where I've met...

Aimee. Aimee Pond, I'm kidding. She did called me the Doctor at one point. She has a warm heart. Cheese and rice she is so nice. I never seen her get angry or upset. I tried that but I was an idiot. In fact I'm always the idiot around my friends. She is far away now... but I hope I see her again. She is very supportive. She was in my drama class and well she to me is so much like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Speaking of Beast I knew a guy who can roar like Chewbacca. His name is Chris. At first glace he is this tall, very tall dude. Deep down he has the heart of gold. That brony, Tim Burton, anti-disney fan was that one friend that contacted me even after high school. In fact we went to see Doctor Who on the big screen. I bet all the Doctor Who fans out there must have been like LUCKY! I'm not lucky, I've never was. In fact I got him these mad scientist glasses around 2010 of Halloween. I am very glad that I am his friends.

There was Willow, Armando and Tameen. They were into video games, anime, and hilarious stuff. They pretty much open up to me. They have ideas, stories, dreams they wanted to share to the world. I sometimes called them the 2 and half avengers. Willow is Thor because the have facial hair, Armando is the hulk because seagulls piss him off and Tameen is Deadpool. Because he's awesome like Deadpool. Which either makes me Nick Fury or Spider-Man

Speaking of Spider-man there was this guy name Garrett. He wants to make films lots of film. I can see him making films along side with a girl name Jen. Jen wants to write screenplays or work as a director. She is another brilliant writer friend of mine. Jen what can I can say about Jen. She small, witty, some times sassy but also a great person to be around. In fact most of her friend are various type of people. She got her best friend who is right now in Alaska. A British guy, who isn't from England. This LGBT girl, Mel because she is Mel, a Swimmer who also plays the piano, a guy who likes to read, a tough guy, a guy name Wesley, this guy in the glasses, and this random guy who is pretty much a phantom to all of them. That Phantom is me by the way. Any ways she mention how even though she knew me it felt like a life time.

Randomly I'm forgetting about two more people both start with the letter P. One is name Patrick. He's unique. Very unique he was a singer, an actor, a dancer and also can kick your ass if you hurt him. He also likes to dress up I remember he dress up as Wiccan you know that guy from young avengers. Always skating on his skates from Freshmen to Junior year. He was a very good listener. Indeed a good friend all around, a brave kid as well.

Another P is Peggy or should I say my double. Looking back I was an idiot. No seriously and idiot. I had like her but I did it out of guy emotions. Any ways I've seen a lot of movies with her from Easy A, Hop, Tangle, and even our last movie the Amazing Spider-man. Which is in a sense the movie I watch when I lost faith in everything. In fact actually cried when she left. Actually when they all left.

P...Q...R, Robert. Yeah my brother from another mother...Okay I won't don that again. No seriously I wont. This guy may have screw up twice but at least he's still my friend. I hope I see him again. With Chris as we are a trio.

Lets jump ahead to 2013... I've made a few good friends like David, Liz, Stephan, Arshia, Gabby and a few others...the more order I get, the more isolated I become.

There is one more important person I have to mention before I go...

There is Joy. Joy as new friend I've made. She is very special to me. She is that friend from the online world. Unlike people I've met online she has laugh, she had cried and she had blush. I have never met a girl like that before. Sure she is across the USA but she would always be close to me. I never heard her laugh before but she does it sounds wonderful that's why I call her Miss Giggles. Such a good friend... She said someday I will find that right girl.

Until then I got Sid. Odd as that sound. She is the dream friend/girlfriend. She was there for me when I was sad, broken down, felt a great lost and no matter what happen to me. I will find someone like her. She pretty much save me. She told me to hold on. In fact before starting High School I said I was going to be a loner. That nobody will ever be my friend. Well guess who was an idiot. I've made a lot of good friends. I would not trade them in the world.

They all are. I would protected all of them. As one of them said she feel safe around me. They all did. If someone hurts them. If they are in the hospital I will run from my house to the hospital just to see them. If they are broken up by an ex I will be there. If something horrible happens to them then I will be there. They may think they are not important but to me they are as important as my family.

In fact I dream to see my friends all together in one group. I picture it in my head. A group photo with my current friends. I be like say cheese and one of them say wait...
I be like what. One of them said the photo isn't the same without you.

I know it's my time to die but please let me see them one last time.

*door opens*

What you guys where here to all this time. Listing to me. Oh...I feel like an idiot now.
Last part.
To my Companions. 

I will always remember the first time I've met them.
John: Do you say Doctor Who
Chris: Did you say Rocky
Robert: What are you doing
Patrick: Here let me fix that.
Peggy: Manga is Amazing.
Kristen: Oh my God Michelle.
Aimee: *Hmm*
Willow: Did you say Nostalgia Critic
Armando: Did you say Kingdom Hearts.
Tameen: Dude where did you come from
Jen: What's your name?
Garret: Thanks, Evil Dead is amazing.
Joy: omg you like the sims 3 too omg and my sim looked so scary when that happend to her ugh

Yes I never forget one line they said. Not one minute of their faces. I will always be their friend. And I will always remember when I was I will always remember when I was there. I would sacrifice my own life to save them and my family. I wish I've met them around elementary school. At least then I could have said I grew up these people. I've watched them grow. Sure it would hurt in the end when they leave. I still miss some of them. 

I promise her that I will never be cruel, I will never be mean, I will have a warm heart, I will always be nice to all.  Sure some of them don't have deviantarts and would read this. But I know they would think something positive. 2014 my new years resolution was to see them.  So far I saw Jen, Chris, Armando, Willow, and a few others. 

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February 9, 2014


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